Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy!

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Speaker: Mr. Leonard W. Dooren, Esquire

CE Hours: 1.25

Course Description (Lecture Style Webinar): If you have not been sued, chances are you will be. The goal of our seminar is to help prevent common litigation and regulatory blunders. Oral Surgeons and Dentists have been on the front line throughout the COVID pandemic with unmasked patients literally breathing down your necks. Every one of you is a healthcare hero! Nevertheless, you face the reality of a highly regulated practice, with a Board complaint just a mouse-click away, which triggers skilled investigators for the Virginia Department of Health Professionals crawling through your records, conducting interviews, and presenting your care to the Board. Even worse, if there is a maloccurrence, it will be the hot breath of a contingency fee lawyer who has all the answers across the table from you at a deposition and in trial. You have dedicated your time, energy, and effort to learn the skills of the healing arts you need to serve your patients. However, it is equally true that no one knows the rules and regulations better than the lawyer looking to twist a data entry error into “evidence” of malpractice.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course, attendees should be able to:

  1. Identify and apply the Virginia Dental Regulations that will be targeted for use against you in litigation.
  2. Prepare appropriate office and surgical documentation.
  3. Enhance effective patient care communication.

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This educational course is being offered as a benefit to VSOMS members. We encourage members to participate at your convenience.  Please contact Laura Givens at [email protected] should you have questions.