Office Anesthesia Evaluations

Guidance on the VSOMS Office Anesthesia Evaluation Process

Office Anesthesia Evaluation Form (Checklist)

VSOMS Office Anesthesia Evaluation Policies

Criteria for Evaluation of Simulated Emergencies

New Members:

According to our Constitution and Bylaws, applicants must complete a VSOMS sponsored on-site office anesthesia evaluation in order to be considered for full membership into the Society. The evaluation, which will be conducted by VSOMS members, is based on the AAOMS Office Anesthesia Evaluation Program and is designed to ensure that you and your patient are protected when anesthesia is being used.

Once you have submitted your anesthesia exam application and payment, you will be granted provisional membership into the VSOMS. You have two years from the date you applied to complete this evaluation. Although VSOMS gives you two years to complete the exam, we recommend that you apply for and complete the exam as soon as possible because the Virginia Board of Dentistry exempts AAOMS/VSOMS members from their sedation permit requirements only if they have completed the AAOMS anesthesia exam.  We recommend that current members apply for their evaluations at least 90 days prior to their expiration date.  Please complete the application and submit with payment.  A member of the Anesthesia Office Evaluation Committee will contact you to arrange a convenient time for your onsite evaluation as soon as possible once we have your application and payment.